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Fun Clothing Ideas For a Memorable First Baby Shoot

In the modern age of smartphones, the old art of baby photo shoots is losing popularity as people can have as many photos of their babies as they want on their phones. However, there are still many parents out there who want to take their babies for professional shoots so that they can have quality hard copy portraits to hang in the living room or keep safe in the family album. Sure, a posed baby photo shoot can be a bit over the top, but if done right, it’s one of the most adorable things you’ll ever do!  If you are thinking of taking your baby for their first shoot, one of the vital things you have to consider is the clothes they will be wearing. Below are a few good ideas of types of clothes you can dress your baby up in for their first ever shoot:

1. Animal Costumes

It doesn’t have to be Halloween to dress up your baby in cute animal costumes. Babies look adorable in animal costumes. Pick a costume that shows the baby’s face but covers the rest of the body such that he looks like a small animal with a cute baby face. However, make sure the baby is comfortable in the costume to avoid upsetting him/her.
baby animal costume

2. Princess Dress

This is specifically for the girls. Everyone loves princesses. There is something about little girls and princesses that just goes well together. There are plenty of baby clothes stores where you will get a variety of princess dresses and accessories to go with them. If your baby is old enough, she can help you pick out the dress she wants. The result is extremely cute photos which will also make your baby feel special like a princess.

3. Cute Baby Outfits with Funny or Meaningful Sayings

Some people would prefer funny baby photos to fashionable ones. However, you may not be able to trick your baby into making funny faces. In this case, why don’t you let the baby’s clothes speak on his/ her behalf? There are many outfits you can get with funny messages that will definitely get a few laughs going. You can also have a special message, or funny message custom printed on an outfit and have your baby take photos in it. For instance, you can have a onesie printed with the message”I Love to chase my dogs and feed them my food.” When your baby is old enough to get the jokes, they will cherish the photos.

4. Superhero costumes

This is a great idea for boys but can also work for girls as are plenty of women superheroes. You can even add a few props to strengthen the theme of the superhero you are going with. For instance, if you are going with Wonderwoman for your girl, you can have them wearing bangles that look like the ones the real Wonderwoman wears. These are the kinds of baby photos your child will brag about for ages.
No matter what idea you go with, there’s only one thing that’s for sure.  They will look absolutely adorable!  So, don’t stress too much over the idea and just have fun with it.