Important things you should know before buying a salt lamp

A salt lamp is just not a decoration piece in your home but it’s way more than that. You can clear the pollution from your home and it works as a medicine for many diseases. If you are looking forward to buying a salt lamp, you should know following facts first.

Let’s take a look at the important things you need to know about the rock salt lamp.


How would you get to know that the salt lamp you are going to buy is perfect for your home? There is a one way to know about the quality of the lamp and to determine whether the lamp is original or fake.

Take a damp cloth and rub it on the salt lamp. If lamp starts sweating and cloth starts showing discoloration, it means the lamp is original. If the cloth is not showing any changes and the salt lamp is not sweating as well it means it’s not genuine.


The salt lamps are lightweight and you can feel their weight by holding them into your hand. It’s easy to hold or hang anywhere in the room.

The fake salt lamp is heavy and you won’t be able to hold it longer. The real salt lamp produces a very small amount of light. If the salt lamp is producing the light that is more than usual, it means that it’s a fake salt lamp.


If you find lots of dust in your room and you have to clean the table, again and again, it means that the salt lamp is real because salt lamp releases the ions that have the ability to merge with the dust particles and make them heavier.

These ions are responsible for cleansing the air of your home and curing you of so many physical and mental problems. So, you’ll happen to see several dust particles around the salt lamp if the lamp is genuine.


You should consider reading the review of the best rock salt lamp on the internet before you go buying the salt lamp. Another thing is that if you believe there is lots of negative energy in your home, you should choose the bigger size lamp.

If your room or lounge is bigger, then the small lamp is not going to work there. You need to choose the big size lamp and you’ll be able to see the changes in your home in few weeks.


When you have bought rock salt lamp, you should choose the perfect place in your home to put the lamp. Locations, where you spend more time in your home, are perfect for placing the salt lamp such as bedroom or study room.

Placing the lamp in the perfect place will help you stay healthy and active.