Unusual T-shirt designs we love here at Ducky Waddles

Ducky Waddles is an art gallery, book store and center for cultural studies. They also have some of the coolest print T-shirts, black bandana shirts and tank tops that you will love. There are the special T-shirts at this store which you will find amazing as far as their creativity and innovative thought gone into them are considered.

Let us look at some unusual and downright crazy T-shirt designs.

One T shirt design that I love is the one that imitates window blinds. This is not print, but a real string attached to the T shirt and if you pull the string the T shirt goes up like a window blind. This is perfect for the summers and also to make a style statement. You can go around wearing this T-shirt with the blinds a little higher, and this will ensure that you get the attention of the people around you. A lot of creativity has gone into the creation of this T-shirt, and it is a fantastic design.

Shoelace T-shirt

This T-shirt is mainly meant for kids with the print of a shoe on the white T shirt and shoe laces going through the shoes. The laces are real shoe laces and can be pulled to give a different look to the T-shirt every time you wear it. This is an innovative design and will make you stand out in the crowd.

Showing your fantastic abs

Some people work hard to get a perfect body and abs. If you are one of those fitness freaks who love to show off your body, then this T-shirt is just the right thing for you. There is a cutout in the place of the abs which will show your six pack abs to the fullest. The rest of the T-shirt is just like any other except for the cutout in the place of the abs. This cutout is almost rectangular and shows your abs to the fullest.

Mask T shirts

These T shirts are innovative in the sense that the print on them is on the inside. So that when you pull the T shirt inside out and over your head your face will be replaced by the mask. This is a great T – shirt for teenagers who like to pull pranks. Apart from masks, there are also the likenesses of many soccer stars which you can wear to football matches. These T-shirts are a great way to give voice to your thoughts and put them to action similar to what these guys did.

Bath plug T-shirt

This T-shirt has a real chain and plugs attached to it in the front. The chain can be removed at the time you need to wash the T-shirt. The black aluminum ball chain is attached to the ribbon sewn to the shirt with a double ring. The point where the ribbon is sewn is supported on its back with a piece of felt.

There are many other unusual T-shirt designs easily available in stores like Ducky Waddles. You can conduct some research online and look for the T shirts that strike your fancy.